Our Fraud Center Is On Guard For Your Debit Card Safety!

The security and protection of your personal financial information is very important to us. Our Fraud Center monitors your debit card transactions 24 hours a day for potentially fraudulent activity. If we detect suspicious activity, it’s important that we contact you as quickly as possible. On June 8th, we are improving how we contact you to verify your card transactions. Read our full story below for all the details!

How our Fraud Center works

Bank of Dickson processes over 30,000 debit card transactions every month. Because of the volume and speed of these transactions, we use automated systems to monitor your debit card activity 24 hours a day. Our systems review each debit card purchase and ATM withdrawal that occurs in our customer’s accounts. These systems have the ability to learn what is typical for your buying habits and then detect suspicious activity and patterns that may indicate fraudulent use of your card.

The types of card activity that may trigger suspicions are:
    Activity that is not typical for you or outside your usual buying habits
    Two or more “card present” transactions in a short time span that are great distances apart
    Transactions in foreign countries
    Transactions commonly used by fraudsters to test for active cards

If we detect suspicious activity, we may temporarily suspend your debit card access until we can contact you to verify your card has not been compromised or used fraudulently. It is important that we are able to contact you quickly in order to reactivate your debit card.

How we contact you if we detect suspicious debit card transactions

When our Fraud Center detects activity which is suspicious or atypical for you, a case is created and our automated Customer Communication Service (CCS) will attempt to contact you to verify that you authorized the activity or if it is fraud. Only the cardholder is able to verify activity and close the case with the CCS.

Our Fraud Center’s CCS may attempt to reach you by any or all of these methods; by SMS text message, by voice phone call or by email. Our contact points are:
    SMS Text message from short code 32874
    Automated Voice Call from 800-237-8990
    Email message from FraudCenter@bankofdickson.com

Our first attempt to contact you will be a SMS text message to the cell phone number that our bank has on file for you. If that attempt is not successful, we will then place an automated voice call to you at the home, cell or work number we have in our records. If you are unable to take our call at that time, a voicemail message will provide you instructions on how to return the call to the Fraud Center.

How do I respond if I am contacted by the Fraud Center?

Only the cardholder can verify authorized transactions or identify fraudulent transactions. It is important that you respond to our fraud center’s messages as quickly as possible. In every case, whether you receive the fraud alert by text, phone or email, you will be given instructions on how to respond that the transactions have been authorized or they were not authorized.

For SMS Text Notifications – You will be directed to reply with a simple message which includes the last four digits of your debit card number and “YES” if the transactions are OK and you authorized them, or your last four digits and “NO” if you did not authorize the transactions. An example would be “1234YES” or “1234NO”.

For Voice Phone Calls – The automated call will first prompt you to verify your billing ZIP code to confirm you are the cardholder. Then you will be prompted to review up to five transactions by the merchant description. If you confirm that any of the transactions are not authorized, your call will immediately be connected to a fraud analyst.

For Email Notifications – If you receive a fraud alert message by email, your last five debit card transactions will be listed. You will also be provided two hyperlinks, one to respond all the transactions listed were authorized and another to respond that one or more of the listed transactions were not authorized.

In all cases, once you have responded you will receive a confirmation message of your response. If you respond that the transactions are authorized, then no further action is needed. However, if you respond that the transactions were not authorized, a fraud analyst will call you shortly to assist you.

How can I verify Bank of Dickson is contacting me?

We understand that responding to unsolicited messages can be risky and are often met with suspicion. However, we will make every attempt to assure you that these communications are legitimate and are sent from Bank of Dickson’s Fraud Center.

Here are a few tips to ensure it is our Fraud Center who is contacting you …

Our fraud alerts and analysts will never ask for your full debit card number, your PIN, or your account number. Anyone or any message asking for this information is a fraud!

Also, our messages will only come from the SMS short code, phone number and email address listed here:
    SMS Text message from short code 32874
    Automated Voice Call from 800-417-4592
    Email message from FraudCenter@bankofdickson.com

Finally, you should add all three of these contact points to your contact lists under the name, “Bank of Dickson Fraud Center” so you can immediately identify our messages as legitimate.

If you prefer to make a call back to our fraud center instead of responding directly to a message, you can reach them at 800-417-4592 24 hours a day to verify any suspicious transactions.

Tips to protect your debit card from fraud