Debit/Credit Card Security

Don't lend your debit card or card information to anyone else (either over the phone or online). If you use your debit card to help someone else pay a bill or to set up a new service, this gives the company the authorization to use your debit card at any time to pay a bill owed them even if their customer's account isn't in your name.

Choose where you use your card wisely. Unlike credit cards, debit card transactions can only be disputed if there is fraud. Businesses may not guarantee refunds if there is an issue with the product or service they may provide.

When using your debit card at the gas pump, it is best to run the transaction as a credit rather than a PIN initiated debit. Inspect the card reader for skimmers that are intended to capture your card information. Many stations are adding security tape over the cabinet to ensure it has not been opened by unauthorized individuals.

Keep your contact information up to date. Especially your mobile number.  This will ensure we can contact you immediatley through text, phone call or email.

Let us know what your travel plans are if you plan to use your card when you travel.  This will help us understand activity that may otherwise seem suspicious.

Always know your debit card PIN.  It is especially important when you are traveling outside the state or the country. Outside the US, many transactions can only be processed by entering your PIN. If you don't know your PIN, make sure to contact one of our customer service representatives at least two weeks before your departure date.  This ensures you will receive your PIN reminder before you leave on your trip.

Never write your PIN number on your card or keep it with your card.

Do not tell anyone your PIN number.

Periodically, change your PIN number.  You can change your PIN at any Bank of Dickson ATM.

Remember that transactions can be processed as either a PIN or signature transaction.  If you have trouble processing a transaction one way, try to process the payment the other way.  Most merchants default one way or the other, but most can process a payment by either method.

Keep in mind internet transactions from foreign based companies are limited to $250.00 per transaction.

Carry your cards safely secured in your wallet or purse.

Check your cards regularly to ensure you have them. If you lose or cannot locate your card, report a lost or stolen card to us immediately at 615-446-3732 or by calling our after-hours number 1-888-297-3416. Don’t leave your cards unattended anywhere ... at work, your locked automobile, or in an unattended hotel room.

Watch carefully (where applicable) as clerks fill in credit card/debit slips to prevent a dishonest clerk from making a second slip and submitting a phony charge later.

Ensure that it is your card that is returned to you after each purchase.

Retain card receipts and carbon copies that carry your account number.

Don’t be fooled by "Good Samaritan" callers who say they have found your cards and promise to mail them to you right away. This just gives thieves time to run up charges. Call the bank immediately!