With One-Touch Fingerprint ID, Accessing Your Accounts Is Easier And More Secure Than Ever!

This great feature allows you to login to your BoD mobile app by scanning your fingerprint instead of entering your Username and Password. 

Your device must meet the following requirements to take advantage of this feature:

Apple Devices

  • Must have a fingerprint scanner
  • Must be an iPhone 5S, iPad Air 2 or above

Android Devices

  • Must have a fingerprint scanner
  • Must be running Android 6.0 or greater software.  To see if your Android device is running this software do the following:  
    1. Click Settings
    2. About Phone
    3. Android version (should show 6.0 or higher)

Interested? Follow these steps to activate on your compatible device:

  1. Make sure your BoD mobile app is the latest version (5.2 or higher).
  2. Login to BoD mobile with your Username and Password.
  3. Click the More or Menu Bar.
  4. Click Settings.
  5. Turn the One-Touch Fingerprint ID on and scan your fingerprint. If you haven't already added your fingerprint to your mobile device for other uses, your device will walk you through those steps first.

Even after you activate this feature, you will always have the option of using your Username and Password if needed.