eStatements Frequently Asked Questions



What is an eStatement?

When you sign up for our eStatements service, you are agreeing to receive an electronic version of your monthy checking or savings account statement via our website instead of a paper statement delivered through the mail.

Will I continue to receive a paper statement?

No. When you sign up for eStatements, you will no longer receive a paper statement. The electronic version of your statement is a complete and official replacement of the paper statement.

I have more than one account. Do I have to receive them all electronically?

If you have multiple accounts, you will have the option to choose to receive some statements electronically and others as paper statements if you have reason to do that.

When will I receive my eStatement?

You will receive an email notification each month end when your electronic statements are ready, which is typically the 1st or 2nd business day after month end.

Do I have to be an Internet Banking user to receive eStatements?

No, you do not have to be an Internet Banking user to receive eStatements. Internet Banking users will access eStatements through the Internet Banking site. Non-Internet Banking customers will have a dedicated website solely for viewing eStatements.

How long will my eStatements stay online?

When you enroll for eStatements, you will immediately have access to your last 24 months of bank statements. The system updates the statements available to you on a monthly basis. This ensures that you will always have the most recent information available to you at all times.

What if I need help?

eStatements customer support questions will be handled just like Internet Banking support issues. If you need assistance or have any questions, you can call us at 615-446-3732 and ask for eStatements help, or you can email us at