When you sign up for eStatements, there are several benefits and tools to help you manage and balance your accounts.


  • It is safe and more secure than paper statements - eStatements are viewed thru our Internet Banking site, so your statements are protected by the Internet Banking security that you already trust. Plus, industry experts agree that electronic delivery is the safest and most secure way to receive your statements.
  • eStatements are fast - Typically, you will receive your electronic statements 2-3 days before paper statements arrive in the mail. It is the fastest way to receive your monthly statement.
  • eStatements are convenient - eStatements put your full account history at your fingertips with two years worth of statements that are available online, 24-hours a day!
  • eStatements save you time - eStatements cannot be lost or misplaced, and they don't have to be filed away. When tax season rolls around, you have the option of printing or saving individual or multiple electronic statements with just a few clicks.  This will make doing research for tax preparation much easier! 
  • eStatements are free - there is no charge to sign up for and use eStatements.
  • Our Interactive Statement lets you sort your checking transactions to quickly find the transaction you're looking for.   This version has the same look and information as your regular statement, plus each section can be sorted by date, check number, transaction description or amount.  This will enable you to look at your information any way you prefer. It's a whole new way of viewing your statement! Just click on the "computer icon" next to the statement you wish to view.   
  • Another great feature of the Interactive Statement is our Reconciliation Calculator which helps you reconcile your transaction register each month.  The calculator lets you enter deposits, checks and withdrawals as adjustments to your statement's ending balance in order to calculate your current register balance.  Once you are in the Interactive Statement, just click on the "calculator icon" next to your ending balance in the statement header section. Balancing your transaction register has never been easier!