Receive Alerts On All Or Your Preferred Transactions!

MyCardRules alerts are push notifications, not text messages. In order for them to operate correctly, you need to make sure to grant permission for these alerts during app instillation or within the MyCardRules app settings. Once you have added your debit card in the app, the All Transactions alerts are automatically turned on for that card.  If you are interested in custom alerts please see the instructions below.

Setting Alert Preferences

1. On the Card Details screen, tap Alert Preferences. The Alert Preferences screen displays the differenet types of alerts you can set:

2. Tap the Tell me more question mark for more information on how alert preferences work.

3. In the Send alerts for field, choose the type of transactions for which you want to receive alerts: All Transactions, Preferred Transactions, None.

Enabling the Primary Device

In order to receive alerts, you must set the mobile device on which you want to receive alerts as the Primary Device. When you register your first card, that device defaults as the Primary Device:

1. Tap the Menu icon in the upper right or left corner of any MyCardRules™ screen.

2. On the main menu, tap Settings.

3. On the Settings screen, tap Primary Device.

4. On the Device Settings screen, tap Primary Device to enable it.