MyCardRules gives you many ways to take control of your debit card. If you are interested, download the app in the Apple iTunes App Store or Google Play, follow the prompts to register as a new user. Once you have created an account, then you can register your debit card and enjoy!

Here is a quick list of features this app has to offer:

  • Multiple account login security features
  • Turn your Card On or Off  with a slide of a toggle button
  • Detailed information on each transaction presented (approved or denied)
  • Filter or Search  for an individual transaction
  • Tag to categorize  your transactions or make Memos  to help remind what a purchase was for
  • Card Controls  based on locations, merchant types, transaction types and spend limits
  • Set Alerts  to notify you for all transactions or your preferred transactions
  • Set Your Spending Limits  (this would not exceed or raise your daily bank issued limits)