Debit and ATM Cards

Debit Cards

Accesses to your account like a check, but with the convenience of a card... less hassle and it's absolutely free!!

  • Accepted World Wide wherever you see the Visa Sign (when traveling, make sure you know your PIN number)
  • Works like a credit card, with the benefit of no interest or annual fees (subject to funds availability)
  • Also works as your ATM Card to insure you have cash when you need it
  • All transactions will be listed on your monthly checking account statement

Click here for more information about our EMV chip debit cards!

ATM Cards

We offer ATM Cards with a number of our checking and savings products. You would have access to your funds 24 hours a day. For our banking customers, it's "No ATM Fees! Ever!" ... just check out our ATM Locations for one near you. For your convenience, you can also make withdrawals and check balances from any Star or Cirrus ATMs. If you are charged a fee from a foreign ATM, we will refund that charge to you. We simply ask that you bring your monthly bank statement showing the fees you were charged to one of our Customer Service Representatives.