Don't Be A Scam Victim

IMPOSTER Scams – Tax Collection and Criminal Charges Scams
You receive a phone call from someone claiming to be personnel from a legitimate government agency such as the IRS or Social Security Administration. Calls have also been received from scammers claiming to be with local and state law enforcement agencies. Here a just a few examples…

IRS: The caller makes claims that you owe money, such as via a lien or a tax levy, to the IRS and uses an urgent and threatening tone to make an effort to scare you into believing the scam. They will also threaten that a warrant will be issued for your arrest unless you give them your account information to charge you for the taxes or instruct you to send money using a specific payment method such as wire transfer, prepaid debit card or gift card. HANG UP or do NOT call back a phone number left in a voice mail message!!

Social Security: This scam is especially upsetting since it targets people who depend on Social Security benefits. The caller will threaten to cancel those Social Security benefits or your actual SS number due to supposed money you owe. Another scam is that they will get you to give them your SS# and bank account information saying you are due additional funds or a rebate maybe because of a computer glitch. EDUCATE the older members in your family and friends you care about!

Law Enforcement: You receive a call from a phone number masked as being from a legitimate local law enforcement agency. The scammer claims someone you care about is in jail and needs you to send money to bail them out. They will instruct you to purchase a prepaid debit card and to then call a certain number to give them the card information. Our men and women in blue would NEVER call you for this type of payment, especially over the phone. Listen to the “radar” going off in your head and HANG UP!