Be Cautious When Traveling...

Convenient USB Charging Stations May Not Be As Great As They Seem

A scam known as “Juice Jacking” occurs when a hacker attaches a mechanism to a public USB charging outlet, and then the hacker can use that mechanism to steal data from your mobile device while you are charging.  USB charging stations can be found in several types of public places such as libraries, coffee shops, airports, hotels, conference centers, train stations, malls, tourist attractions, cruise ships, and even rental cars and ride share vehicles.  

Inspect any public USB charging outlet that you consider using, and DO NOT plug your device into an outlet that appears to be tampered with. (Think of this as being similar to checking your gas pump for a credit card skimmer).

A safe option would be to always carry a power adapter for your charging cable, and choose a power outlet over a public USB charger when possible.  You could also invest in a portable power bank that you charged safely for a backup power source.