Bank of Dickson Announces New Telephone Banking System 


See our Quick Reference Guide to our new Telephone Banking service.


We are excited to announce several enhancements to our Telephone Banking system. The new system offers Voice Recognition capabilities which allows you to direct the system using voice responses in addition to telephone keypad responses.

These are some important points you should know about the new system.

  • Our menu options have changed. Please listen carefully the first time you call the new system as our menu options will be slightly different. We have also added several new features such as the ability to transfer funds to and from any account, make loan payments, activate your new debit card as well as voice recognition capabilities.
  • Your PIN number has not changed. You will use the same security PIN on the new system that you have used in the old system. If you have forgotten your PIN, please call us during regular banking hours and we can reset it for you.
  • Our phone number has remained the same. You can still reach the Bank of Dickson Telephone Banking system at 615-446-3003.

Should you have questions or need assistance, please call us at 615-446-3732 or email us at .


We hope you enjoy our new Telephone Banking service!