Bank of Dickson Chip Cards

In June 2016, Bank of Dickson began issuing EMV chip cards for debit cards with new checking accounts when they were opened. As of October 2016, we have begun to proactively replace “mag stripe only” cards for existing cardholders with new chip cards as well. Over the next few months, we will replace all Bank of Dickson debit cards with EMV chip cards.

If you are an existing cardholder and have received your replacement chip card:

Your new EMV chip card replaces your existing debit card. However, you must activate your new chip card before your first use. You may activate your card by any of the following methods:

1) Use your new card at any of the four Bank of Dickson ATMs by performing a balance inquiry or a cash withdrawal.

2) Call our 24-hour automated line at 615-446-3003 and follow the menu options to "Card Services" (option #4) and "Activate a card" (option #1). Follow the instructions to immediately activate your new card.

3) Call our office at 615-446-3732 during regular business hours and one of our customer service representatives will assist you.

Your existing PIN will continue to work with your new chip card. After you have activated your new card, your old card will not longer be active and we ask that you destroy that card.

Also, although you are receiving a new card, your debit card number will not change. Any automatic debits you have initiated against your existing card will continue to post correctly.

Tips for using Chip Card

Chip Card FAQs


Bank of Dickson will continue to provide updates on our chip card conversion throughout the coming months. Watch our home page for the latest news on this project!