Text Message Banking

Text Message Banking is simple and convenient to use ... whether you are checking your available balance before making that purchase or verifying a direct deposit. Mobile Alerts and Text Message Banking will show your latest account information.

Activating Text Message Banking and Mobile Alerts

Text Message Banking and Mobile Alerts can be activated through your Internet Banking Account in three easy stepsYou will need to have your cell phone in your possession when you enroll.

Step 1 - Go to the "Mobile Banking & Alerts" tab in Additional Services tab and click on the "Activate" button.  Enter your cell phone number.  Only one cell phone number can be activated during the initial enrollment, however a secondary phone can be added later.

Step 2 - A six-digit activation code will be sent to your phone (this could take a few minutes). Enter your code in the activation screen in Internet Banking.  Your Text Message Banking Service is now activated!

Step 3 - After entering your activation code, you will be asked to select your primary account to be used for balances (BAL), last five transactions (LAST) and the "To" account for transfers (TRANS).  You may also select the another account to be used as the "From" account in transfer requests.  Finally, you may also choose to receive special alerts via text or email for a variety of notifications such as:

 Balance Update     Loan Payment Due
 High Balance  Loan Payment Overdue
 Low Balance  Personal Reminder
 Check Cleared  Large Withdrawal Alert
 Maturity Date  Large Deposit Alerts


Common Text Commands

Help is available by texting the command HELP, but here are some of the common text commands that you will find useful.


 Text Message Banking Keywords  Meaning
 bal  Primary Account Balance
 bal all  All Accounts Balances
 last  Last 5 Transactions on Primary
 bal chk  Account Balance of Checking Account
 bal sav  Account Balance of Savings Account
 trans  Transfer Funds to Primary Account
 help  Help on Keywords
 stop  Deactivate Text Msg Banking Service