Mobile Banking gives you Internet Banking access anytime, anywhere!

No activation required!

There's no special activation required, so simply go to from the browser of your smart phone or tablet. You will be prompted for your Internet Banking username and password. Next, as an additional security measure, a six digit numerical code will be sent to you via your choice of phone, email or text. This will then authorize your mobile device to have complete access to your existing Internet Banking account.

If you have an Apple, Android, or Kindle Fire device we offer our BoD Mobile App.

You can download our BoD Mobile App from Apple iTunes, Android Play Store, or Amazon Kindle App store from your smart phone or tablet. Follow these easy instructions below, and enjoy BoD Mobile banking at its best:

Apple Android Kindle

 Security and your Mobile Banking account

Bank of Dickson understands the many threats of identity theft and virtual robbery. That is why Mobile Banking has been designed to offer the same level of security currently in place through our Internet Banking site today. Some of the specific features include:

  • 128 bit encryption – this means that neither the wireless carrier nor anyone else is able to infringe on your wireless signal, or be able to decipher any information sent to the device.
  • Secure login information is not stored on the device – if you lose your phone, you do not have to worry about deactivating your phone with the financial institution.
  • One-Touch ID-For eligible devices, this is security option that uses your fingerprint instead of your username and password.  For more information click here.
  • Automatic inactivity logout - if the mobile banking application is inactive for five minutes, it will time out and require you to log back in.
  • Account lockout – after three failed login attempts, you will have to reset your password by successfully answering your challenge question.
  • Added security with MFA (Multi-factor Authentication) – if it is a new device you would be required to verify your identity via phone call, text, or email.
  • Account masking – account numbers in mobile banking are truncated to only display the last four digits.