Our History

Thank you for being a valued part of our history and future!

In the Beginning


The original seed of an idea began with eight men: Dr. R.P. Beasley, Dr. WA. Bell, Jr., E .F. Dennison, Glen Hamilton, Carney B. Nicks, Mark Wade, Wayne Sensing and Hugh Wynns. This group of visionaries believed in Dickson - after all, this was their home - but they also believed that increasing the availability of local capital would ultimately be a good thing for all concerned.

Each of the organizers was selected based on proven abilities, overall character and solid reputation within the community. This was a group known throughout the community for their dedication to Dickson County and its people.


By November 1953, the group struck a deal with the City of Dickson for the Main Street building that had housed the Dickson Electric Department offices. Before the year's end, 2,000 shares of new stock were issued to 115 shareholders.

On May 26th, 1954 Bank of Dickson opened its doors to the public. Two days later, an open house marked the beginning of a new era in banking for Dickson County. Literally thousands of citizens attended the historic event.

The Sixties


The Sixties saw the Bank continue to prosper under strong leadership. By April 1960, steady growth had pushed total assets over the $3,000,000 mark. It wasn't long before shareholders enjoyed their first dividend.

The Seventies

The Seventies saw the Bank of Dickson invest its successes directly back into personnel, technology and new facilities. Interest in the Bank had grown to the degree that 1,000 new shares of common stock were offered for sale in 1972. The entire offering was purchased by existing shareholders.


In 1978, an all-new building became home to the Bank's Main Office. The three level, 20,000 square foot facility represented a major milestone in the Bank's service to the people of Dickson County. Complete with a three bay drive-in window, it was designed from the ground up to deliver the ultimate in streamlined service and convenience.

The Eighties

The Bank entered the 1980s as a 25 million dollar concern, and ended it with over 77 million in assets - a threefold increase in just ten short years.


Another big move to accommodate growth was the creation of a new office on Henslee Drive.

A 100% stock dividend, the Bank's third, was declared in January 1982. The next year, shareholders formed the Dickson Financial Corporation, a one-bank holding company. A few successful years later, the Corporation declared a 5-1 stock split, bringing the number of outstanding shares to 100,000. By now, dividends were paid on a quarterly basis rather than annually.

Elsewhere within the industry, the 1980s marked an increase in consolidation. Suddenly, banks were finding themselves faced with hard decisions, and many were swallowed up by large corporations.

Thankfully, the question of abandoning independence was never an issue for the people behind the Bank of Dickson. Rather than jumping on the consolidation bandwagon, Dickson's hometown bank responded with a growing array of new products and services.


The Nineties

Increasingly, the Board saw opportunities to build and grow while staying true to its original mission. In 1992, they remodeled the Highway 46 Office, expanding it with a new eight lane drive-in facility. 


Technology applications continued to move forward as well. 1998 saw the introduction of check imaging. Then, in 1999, customers found a whole new world of options with Internet Banking and Bill pay.

Present Day

In 2007, the Hwy 46 office was remodeled to streamline our customer service. We reorganized both our operations and lobby areas to best accommodate our customer’s individual needs. The bank also saw another opportunity to invest in our two Digital Signs, found at our Hwy 46 and Henslee offices. We utilize these signs as another means of communication with our customers and community.

By 2009, the bank was ready for another important milestone. We implemented a major core system upgrade. This upgrade was to make sure that were staying innovative and we had a solid base for what was on the horizon in electronic banking.

The bank proudly rolled out our BoD Mobile App in 2012, the first local bank to do this. This is another example of the bank staying both innovative and competitive with a lot of other larger banks. We stay above the rest, by sticking to our core values and backing our technology with great personal service.

In 2013, the bank implemented another convenient service. Our customers were introduced to our eStatements. This enhancement made receiving your monthly statements electronically quicker and safer than receiving them in the mail.

On May 28th 2014, the Bank of Dickson proudly celebrated its 60th birthday with our friends and neighbors. We served grilled rib eye sandwiches, drinks and birthday cake for everyone. The bank also made a decision to have its own Facebook account just in time for our birthday bash! Having our own page makes it easier to share our numerous involvements with our customers and community.

In order to stay up-to-date, in 2015 the bank underwent a new website design. This update was done to streamline our information, and to enhance our user experience. In December, we introduced a great addition to our BoD mobile app. eDeposit enables qualified customers to securely and conveniently deposit checks to their checking and savings accounts using your Apple or Android mobile devices 24/7!   

On August 2, 2016 Bank of Dickson replaced our red digital signs at both our Hwy 46 and Henslee offices.  The new modern high resolution color signs enable us to engage with our community with breathtaking effects.  Drive by to check them out. We have great banking and community news to share!  Later on that month, we also added our Main St. ATM.  We recognized the need for this ATM due to the increase of activity in our downtown area.  Our Main St. ATM is conveniently located inside our foyer, amongst many of the great shops, restaurants, and activities on Main Street. We believe this will serve both our customers and visitors alike.

The Bank's chosen course has paid off for its customers and the community. Presently, the Bank has over $200,000,000 in assets and after all these years of solid service the future has never looked brighter. Although much has changed since the first plans were drawn up, the important things really haven't changed much at all.

We have been chosen “Best Bank in Dickson County” by the readers of the Dickson Herald for multiple years and our business continues to grow at a record pace as customers demand the latest global technology with the old fashioned values our founders established in 1954.

The founders had a dream and today, every one of us feels privileged to be a part of it. Our Dickson County roots run deep and we wouldn't have it any other way. Drop by and let us show you why personal service has made us the “Best Bank in Dickson County”.